• OSSEC
      Apart from its role as an intrusion detection system, host-based OSSEC is often used as a security information and event manager (SEM/SIM)
    • Snort
      Using protocol analysis, content searching and different pre-processors, Snort is able to detect thousands of worms, vulnerability exploit attempts, port scans and other suspicious behavior. This NIDS is perfect for traffic analysis and packet logging on IP networks.
    • This network security analysis tool uses Network Security Monitoring (NSM) a concept developed by Richard Bejtlich, Director of Incident Response at General Electric,
    • In an ideal scenario, a corporate network should be shielded by both a HID and NID systems. The former acts as a last ditch protection for individual computers, while the latter maintains the secure network.

Stealthful Sniffing, Intrusion Detection and Logging:,0

Intrusion Detection Systems
with Snort
Advanced IDS Techniques Using
Snort, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and ACID:-

Using Snort – Debian guide’snort’_Intrusion_Detection_System

The Snort Blog – guis for snort

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