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Google Plus Photos: 5 Reasons Why This G+ Feature is Killer Blog Tool


One of the coolest, and most overlooked features inside of Google Plus lies in the image library that each user receives when they sign up for a G+ profile. The hosting service is branded as Picasa, which was actually smaller company that Google Acquired back in 2004.
Picasa has been around for quite some time, and has always been able to hang with the the rest of the pack of image hosting category-killers. But, with the recent integration of all things Google into the G+ social layer, Picasa, now now more aptly branded as Google Plus Photos, makes for one heck of a blog tool that you can use to spruce up the reader experience.
Here are 5 reasons why Google Plus Photos makes for killer blog tool:
  1. Instant upload from your mobile device. Once you’ve downloaded one of the mobile applications for Google Plus, the photos you snap will automatically be uploaded to your G+ account. You’ll want to make sure that you double check your settings so that you don’t automatically publish any pictures that you want to keep private.
  2. One click URL embedding. Like other photo sharing sites, all you need to do with Google Plus Photos is right click on your photo and copy the image URL. With that, embedding the image into your blog is a simple paste into the right field in your CMS.
  3. You know your images will be there. Because you control your Google Plus profile, your images will remain hosted there until you take them down. This ensures that a year from now, you don’t have any big empty boxes where an images was once displayed on your blog.
  4. High storage limits. This is a big one in that with Google Plus Photos, you get a ton of storage space at no cost. While Picasa Web Albums offer 1 GB of free storage for photos and videos, your files that fall under certain size limits won’t count towards this free storage limit.
  5. You can upload high-resolution images. As with other image storage and sharing sites, you have the ability to upload and embed higher resolution photos with Google Plus Photos. As a blogger, you may not need to embed high resolutions images for the effect you want, but it is handy if you want to make your top quality images available for you readers to download.
Seriously. If you’re blogging and using photos and other images in your blog content, give Google Plus Photos a try this week. I think you’ll find it to be a very powerful blog tool in your content marketing tool box.

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