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Debian network card

Howto simply configure network card in Debian Select LanguageEnglishFrenchGermanItalianSpanishPortugueseKoreanChineseArabicJapanese Besides presence of eye-candy graphical configurators in Linux, in many situations it is more straightforward to change config files. It is really simple, and below it is shown how to do … Continue reading

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AVG on Linux

How To Install And Use AVG Antivirus In Linux First published on July 12, 2011 at with 11 Comments You can download the Linux version of the AVG manual from here: Click here to Download the PDF manual Here’s … Continue reading

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Benchmarking software

Free Computer Benchmark Tools to benchmark computer hardware Posted by km. Filed in Software, Utilities Computer benchmark tools, windows utilities that benchmarking your computer CPU, motherboard, Internet connection and much more. Benchmarking your computer system with computer benchmark tools are … Continue reading

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I took Joe (my youngest son) to see this film in 3D on Wednesday. Neither of us had seen a 3D film before, and we both thought the effects to be impressive. A Ridley Scott film with several ‘alien’ type … Continue reading

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Get Firefox to keep tabs open on restart

With the release of Firefox 4,(12) it seems they have disabled the “Do you want to save tabs for next time Firefox starts?” message. Here’s how you get it back: 1) Open Firefox 2) Type into the address bar “about:config” … Continue reading

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Posting source code on [sourcecode language="css"] [/sourcecode]

While doesn’t allow you to use potentially dangerous code on your blog, there is a way to post source code for viewing. We have created a shortcode you can wrap around source code that preserves its formatting like the … Continue reading

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Arduino and visual basic

Arduino <> Firmata <> Visual Basic .NET Courtesy of: Since the release of the .NET Framework version 2.0 the handy SerialPort component has made communicating over the serial port fairly straightforward. Sending and receiving a simple packet of bytes … Continue reading

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