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TVersity Media Server 1.9.6 is here!

After a 6 months of silence we are very pleased to release the TVersity Media Server 1.9.6. This release has many improvements under the hood (in preparation for 2.0 which will have even more!)

With this release we have added support for many devices but the coolest ones got to be Android tablets running Android 3.0. You can now play all your personal and Internet media via the DLNA clients included on these tablets.

Here is a partial list of newly supported devices:

  • Added device profiles for Android 3.0 tablets (tested with Asus Eeepad Transformer TF101 but should work on other Android 3.0 tablets – let us know if this is not the case). Please note that transcoding for Android requires the Pro edition, and only Android 3.0 or higher is supported.
  • Added device profiles for WDTV Live.
  • Added device profiles for various Samsung TV models.
  • Added user contributed device profile for Logitech Revue.
  • Added user contributed device profile for Windows Phone 7.

Full release notes at:

Download it at:

On the fly transcoding for the iPhone/iPad is here

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals to organize and personalize their home and Internet multimedia collection (audio, video and images) and have universal access to it anywhere (at the home or on the go) anytime and from any device.

We are developing the following products and services:

  • Delivering any media to any device; an extensible platform independent Media Server that can serve any media to any networked device doing all the necessary conversions to overcome the limitations of any given device.
  • Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG); An extensible platform independent Media Manager that allows our users to organize their home and Internet media, tag it, and create their Personalized lineup of channels.
  • Content Guides; An editorial Entertainment Guide of URLs linking to high quality multimedia content consisting of TV channels (live and on demand), Radio stations, Music Videos, Movie Trailers, Game Trailers, Audio/Video Podcasts/Blogs and more.
  • Multimedia Social Networking; A Collaborative meta data sharing community that allows our users to exchange the multimedia URLs they discover and search the URLs discovered by others.

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