It’s baby seagull time again

The baby seagulls leave the nest and land on the ground. Once they are down, many do not have the strength to take off again, and spend days wandering around. The adults attack anything that goes near the baby, but can not protect it from cars if it wanders into the road. Very sad.

On a different seagull topic, we have a family gathering every Wednesday, and after the meal, I put the meat/fat leftovers on the garage roof. The seagulls appear in seconds.

How do they do that? Is it smell, vision, ESP, or have the learnt that we put food out every Wednesday?

At first I couldn’t find any links about seagulls that didn’t talk about pest control and how to kill them. Why do we think that everything must bend to our will? Are we moving too far away from nature, from reality even?

Will  it be “pride comes before a fall”

Finally  I found this heart warming story about gulls saving Salt lake city from a plague of insects.

We should remember that we are part of the system, not the master of it.

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