Life – What’s it all about?

Karma – can it be?

What is the purpose of life?

We are pulled through life by promises, like a donkey by carrots”:-

Maybe this short video can answer the question:-

I read a book called “The infinite plan”, in it, one of the characters suggests that men should try to achieve the following four things before they die:-

Build a house, father a child, plant a tree and write a book.

I have had my house for 25 years, and after all the DIY I have done, it feels like I have built it, but maybe DIY does not count.

But….. when I was at primary school, the Sunday school/Chapel burnt down. When it was rebuilt, each child laid one brick. We march up a plank placed the brick on the ready cemented wall and the man tapped it into place with his trowel. I hope helping to build a chapel plus my DIY will swing it for me on task 1.

I have 2 sons. Task 2 passed.

I love apples, so I planted an apple tree. I am not a gardener, but it manages to produce apples without my help.  Task 3 passed.

Writing a book is going to be a problem, but I have just read on a self improvement blog that if you write one page a day, you will have a book at the end of the year. Not sure if I can do a page each day, I will try for two a week. Either a shorter book or a longer time:-

“Writing a book is actually not that hard. If you’ve run a blog for over a year and have posted 3 times a week, then you have already done enough writing to write a book”

So am I trying to write a book because some fictional character has suggested it? No. See “life, what’s it all about” for an explanation.

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