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Elonex ONEt hacking MiniBook as sold by Maplin and Novatech « on: September 11, 2008, 10:43:40 PM » I think this is the same device as the Elonex Onet Device manufacturer: The site of a Dutch guy who’s had some success in … Continue reading

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xterm on the Elonex ONE

xterm on the Elonex ONE Three of the members of our Google Group have pooled their ideas and come up with a way to get the “xterm” terminal console onto the ONE’s menu. This is probably going to be a … Continue reading

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Elonex ONEt has ARM processor

Your best bet is the Dutch Trendtac user group… I have found that gang a very helpful bunch and with the most advanced “hacking” experience: There are a couple of thread there, specifically “Apps” and “Games” which have a … Continue reading

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GNU ARM toolchain guide from IBM

 Extract:- The toolchain provides the ever-popular GDB for debugging low-level programs. When the program is targeted for a single-board computer with a JTAG or ICE unit attached, you can use the Sourcery G++ Lite debugger (gdb) to debug the ARM … Continue reading

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GNU ARM Assembler 3 page quick reference

Assembler Quick reference Not so quick at 30+ pages ARM GCC inline assembly

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Free ARM programming book

Free ARM programming book as PDF

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Whirlwind Tour of ARM Assembly

23. Whirlwind Tour of ARM Assembly Introduction General assembly ARM assembly THUMB assembly GAS: the GNU assembler A real world example: fast 16/32-bit copiers Original source here

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Development tools and boards from Olimex DOCUMENTS: ARM-JTAG.pdf ARM low cost debuggind application note by ARM Inc. Student’s guide for building low cost debugging environment by ARM Inc. ARM Jtag debugging with wiggler and OpenOCD by Martin Thomas Using OpenOCD as Flash programming tool article … Continue reading

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New to ARM development?

If you are very new to ARM microcomputers, there’s no better introductory bookthan “The Insider’s Guide to the Philips ARM7-Based Microcontrollers” byTrevor Martin. Martin is an executive of Hitex, a UK vendor of embeddedmicrocomputer development software and hardware and he … Continue reading

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CM-X300 Computer-On-Module $49  CM-X300 Computer-On-Module           CM-X300  Top CM-X300 Bottom CM-X300 Highlights Full-featured Computer-On-Module starting at $49 ! XScale PXA300 / PXA310 / PXA320 CPU, up to 624 MHz, 32+32 KB cache, WMMX2 64 – 128 Mbyte DDR 512 Mbyte Flash Disk, … Continue reading

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